One-Time Property Leasing Service

Lease quickly for $1500 without on-going management*.


Get Started:

Get started with 2 easy steps:

  1. Sign the Leasing Only Program Agreement.
  2. Let us know when the property will be ready to be placed on lockbox and photographed.

Marketing can start in as little as 2 days from signed agreement and marketing photos taken!


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Leasing-only service features:

  • We take beautiful photos of your property then syndicate marketing across dozens of websites and offer the option of posting to MLS as well.
  • Our system collects important metrics that we share with you in a weekly written report so you know how the market is responding to your asking price and so you can make adjustments if needed to avoid unnecessary vacancy.
  • We collect applications and perform a thorough Fair Housing-complaint screening to help ensure you get a quality tenant.
  • We handle all the paperwork and collect move-in funds for you.

We then hand over management to you, so you have full control over how the property is managed once a tenant moves in.

Why use a one-time property leasing service?

Our one-time property leasing service is a good fit for property owners that:


  • Property owners unsure they want or need full-service property management
  • Property owners who manage properties themselves and directly interact with tenants
  • Property owners who need marketing or assistance with tenant screening
  • Property owners that have a tenant but need a professional lease agreement
  • Property owners who perform their own rent collections


What do we do for you during one-time property leasing?


  • We assess the rental and recommend a monthly price
  • We market the property on MLS and rental websites
  • We take and market your property with  enhanced HD Pictures
  • We install a lockbox
  • We pre-screen and coordinate showings with prospective tenants
  • We collect and screen applications
  • We draft and execute the lease agreement
  • We collect certified move-in funds
  • We ensure the tenants switch utilities into their names
  • We arrange for the tenant to move in (and suggest you meet them on move-in day)
  • We turn over tenant funds and contact info to you


What if we decide we want full property management later?


We get this question fairly often, and we like to be flexible. So, with our one-time property management program, the lease can be converted to one of our Full Service Management agreements at any time. Any fees paid prior to the switch will be credited toward the plan you choose.

What is the cost for one-time leasing services?


Do you pay a leasing commission paid to other Realtors?

Yes – Mark Brower will cover the leasing commission out of the total payment of $1,500.00 (up to $250).

*May be slightly more to list on MLS for some locations. Call for details.