By Mark Brower | January 5th, 2015

At Mark Brower Properties, we provide high quality services to people who own rental and investment properties. Today, we’re telling you why you should choose us over other property management companies. The answer is simple: we deliver more peace of mind and cash flow. This is accomplished by focusing on three key deliverables: placing higher quality tenants in less time; establishing the right kind of relationship with those tenants; and, caring for your property as if we owned it, like a true partner.

Placing Tenants

Finding a high quality tenant is the most important thing a property manager can do for you. We have a marketing system that efficiently generates more showings at vacant properties. When a prospective tenant views the home, we use a non-compromising, consistent screening system to review their file. This has resulted in a record of no evictions in the tenants we have placed over the last four years. We’re very proud of that.

Developing Relationships

We use our time well to create and maintain professional, respectful relationships with tenants. We spend more time in the lease signing stage than other property management companies. After going over every part of the lease in detail, we answer any questions the tenants have. Then, we accompany the tenant to the property to perform a move-in inspection. This is a detailed inspection, with a written report that’s signed by us and the tenant. We also take lots of photos. The inspection accomplishes a couple things: it shows the tenants we will be fair in any charges against the security deposit; it shows we really care about the condition of the home and we’ll hold the tenant accountable by following the same procedure at the end of the lease; and, it impacts how they view the home and their responsibilities in caring for it.

We also conduct mid-lease inspections. At this point, we briefly walk through the property and look for unauthorized people or pets that might be living there. We also check for early signs of neglect or damage. We don’t often find those things, but the report that results from this inspection is published to our owner portal so our clients can view it.

Property Care
To properly maintain your rental home, we use the right vendors who deliver outstanding service for good prices. We never markup any maintenance. Our fees are designed to ensure our financial interests are aligned with your best interests. I’m the owner and broker of this company and I’m also a landlord and a property manager. My staff and I manage properties the way I would want my investment managed if I turned it over to a professional property manager.

When you hire us, you’ll be glad you did. Please contact us at Mark Brower Properties. We look forward to working with you.