By Mark Brower | March 17th, 2023

Real estate owners can benefit from a property manager. They provide assistance with marketing your property, finding and screening tenants, as well as monitoring rent payments.

They can assist with maintenance and repairs as these tasks often require a great deal of time, as well as being quite costly.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property managers have the responsibility of keeping their managed properties in excellent condition. This could involve anything from routine cleaning to safety inspections. It’s essential that the building stays in top condition so it doesn’t collapse and put its occupants at risk.

Preventive maintenance is the ideal way to keep a building in optimal condition, but sometimes repairs or replacements will be necessary. This could range from minor issues like broken locks to more serious problems such as electrical or plumbing problems.

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can facilitate both preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. It’s useful for tracking work orders, storing asset details such as how old certain items are and whether they require repair or replacement, plus much more.

When repairs or replacements are necessary, the property manager will contact the appropriate vendor and request they come out. It’s also their duty to guarantee that the work is done correctly and in accordance with local laws or codes. This is an example of the value add that a property management company like Mark Brower Properties can provide and why its important.

Many property managers have their own maintenance staff, though not all do. Some may be able to perform some repairs themselves or contract with outside vendors for more specialized services.

In this instance, it’s essential to comprehend how the company vets its contractors, their relationship with them and any costs that will be incurred. Doing this can help you decide whether or not investing is worth your while.

Property maintenance can be a complex and expensive endeavor, yet it’s an essential element in keeping a home or business running smoothly. Proper upkeep not only keeps tenants safe in their space, but it also increases its resale value.

Residential communities such as retirement homes and assisted living facilities need regular maintenance to guarantee that residents’ lives aren’t adversely affected by broken equipment or other malfunctions. Hotels can also benefit from an effective maintenance program.

If you require preventive maintenance or emergency repairs, finding a property management company that can meet your requirements is essential. They’ll assist in keeping your property secure and efficient while keeping tenants contented.

Rent Collection

Collecting rent payments from tenants requires finding the method that works best for your property. Furthermore, being able to keep track of all records is beneficial.

Landlords typically accept cash, personal checks, credit cards or debit cards as payment for rent. Furthermore, many landlords provide online bill payment or pay-in-person facilities to make it easier for tenants to pay their rent promptly. And with today’s technology and financial platforms like Zelle, Venmo and Paypal sometimes these might be used as well.

Although taking payments in person may seem like a hassle, this is an effective way to connect with your tenants and guarantee they receive their rent on time. Furthermore, if you live out of state or are too busy running your business to be present at each rental, collecting the money in person is an efficient way to handle collection processes.

Another option is sending your tenants a letter in the mail with an agreed-upon due date for payment. This can help guarantee timely receipt of rent, but may lead to delays if only partial payments are made or other bills must be settled simultaneously.

In certain states, landlords have the power to charge late fees to delinquent tenants. These fees serve two purposes: collecting money from late fees and encouraging future rent payments on time.

Landlords may report unpaid rent to the credit bureaus if their tenants are delinquent, and these reports can have an impact on their future ability to obtain loans or rent properties. These debts will be reported to all three major credit reporting agencies and remain on the tenant’s credit file until they are rectified or paid in full.

Finally, many rent collection services exist that landlords can utilize to report delinquent tenants for a flat fee. Some of these services will take part of the debt if it is not paid and also remove negative marks from the tenant’s credit report if they are successful in collecting it.

Tenant Relationships

As a property manager, it’s essential to foster relationships with your tenants. Not only is this beneficial for the tenant but it also ensures your property remains in excellent condition.

One way to foster a strong relationship with your tenants is by ensuring they comprehend their responsibilities. A comprehensive set of rules is an effective means of communication, and this will give them the assurance to ask questions or request help when required.

Additionally, having a positive relationship with your tenants increases their likelihood of adhering to commitments and paying rent on time. This is an integral component of having an effective landlord-tenant relationship, and it can be especially helpful if you want to avoid late fees.

Establish a strong tenant relationship by being available when they require you. This is especially helpful if they have an urgent maintenance request or query about something in the property.

It is never a wise idea to let tenants wait too long to report maintenance issues, and even worse to ignore them. Doing so could cause bigger problems in the future and cost you more money than necessary to rectify things.

Your tenant’s trust in you will make them less reluctant to report maintenance issues and more willing to collaborate with you on resolution. Doing this can save time and money in the long run, so it’s beneficial to prioritize this aspect.

Building a successful tenant-property manager relationship can be challenging. Both parties must commit to the relationship and take active measures to enhance it. This is another important aspect to hire a company like Mark Brower Properties in the Phoenix, AZ metro area to handle your property management.

As a tenant, you can help build your relationship with your property manager by fulfilling their promises and being accessible when necessary. Furthermore, encourage them to contact you about any concerns that they might not feel confident reporting – such as minor repairs or neighbor issues.

When it comes to your relationship with your property manager, being open and honest is always beneficial. Not only will this make both of you feel safer in your home, but it will make maintaining the condition of your Phoenix, AZ metro area property much simpler for both of you.


Accounting is an integral aspect of property management. It helps managers monitor cash inflows and outflows, calculate net income, and assess the health of an investment portfolio. This makes it simpler to create processes and make informed decisions.

Landlords must understand how each transaction impacts their bottom line. Doing so will allow them to optimize the performance of their rental property and guarantee expenses are paid promptly.

Furthermore, it can enable them to make informed decisions regarding the future of their investments. For instance, they might take into account a rental property’s capital appreciation potential or debt paydown potential before making any commitments.

Accounting can be a complex task, especially when managing multiple properties or owners. To avoid confusion, it’s essential to establish a general ledger (GL) and chart of accounts. Doing this allows you to quickly and efficiently process transactions each month.

Additionally, create a separate business account for all property management expenses. Doing this makes it simpler to track and reconcile your expenses on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Another essential consideration is having an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. This is especially crucial for those who manage many rental properties.

Finally, it is wise to record all your expenses in an accounting software. Doing this will enable you to keep tabs on your finances and generate reports for sharing with others.

Additionally, make sure to record waivers when applicable. Doing so can help avoid large payment dues that might arise if tenants fail to pay rent on time.

Property management accounting software that is tailored for the industry should be utilized. This will automate many tasks related to accounting and save a considerable amount of time.

If you need a property management company for rental management services in the Phoenix, AZ metro area contact Mark Brower Properties today for help.