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Fixed rates – 3 fixed rate pricing plans for you to choose from. No cost to get started, no charge when vacant, and two of our three plans have no leasing fee.

No. You pay nothing until we move a qualified tenant into your property.

  • Our process helps accelerate wealth building
  • We provide a peace of mind investment experience

We use verified market data to estimate and determine the fair market value of your home. We study and analyze this data, to maximize Owners monthly rental amounts. (Use this self-guided cash analysis tool to determine your monthly cash flow! For a more detailed analysis contact us.

This is a great question! Homes that are meticulously maintained both inside and out, and properties that adhere to Mark Brower’s Rent Ready Checklist and standards rent quickly and secure high quality tenants. Contact us to learn more about our property standards to get your home in tip-top shape to secure a high quality tenant!

We advertise on the top rental websites, using high resolution photos, and make the showing process both clear and easy. This maximizes exposure to ensure your home is leased quickly at a high rental rate.

We consider this the key to successful property management! We use a stringent screening process in the selection of all of our tenants. All applicants must have no criminal background, a monthly income of 3 times the rental amount, and good standing rental history. In some instances, we may ask for an additional security deposit or cosigner.

You can choose to disallow pets and not permit smoking in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal. We comply fully with the Fair Housing; this means that you cannot choose to disallow anyone that is part of a protected class under the Fair Housing guidelines. If you have additional questions on the specifics of the Fair Housing Act, please contact Fair Housing or visit their website.

The majority of prospective tenants have pets and having a no pet policy greatly reduces the pool of qualified tenants by nearly 50%. It is up to you to allow or not to allow pets on your property, but our standard policy is that pets are acceptable depending on the property, pet size and breed. Our minimum additional security deposit for a pet is $300.00.

Tenants are asked to contact our office directly for urgent maintenance issues, and use their online tenant portal to file maintenance issues and repairs. Many times we are able to solve issues over the phone, avoiding what might have been an additional expense to Owner.

Yes, a detailed report including all income and expenses will be sent to you each month.

Yes, we are a full service real estate company and would be happy to consult with you with all aspects of the sale of your home.

Yes, rent distributions can be direct deposited into the Owners account of choice. This service is offered free of charge.

Also referred to as TPT tax, various cities in Arizona charge a rental tax based on the properties monthly rental income. We assist in filing all necessary TPT tax services, free of charge.

Yes, we conduct multiple property inspections to ensure the home is being properly cared for by the tenant. We do not charge a fee for any inspections. All inspections are performed free of charge. These inspections include a move in inspection, two mid lease inspections, and a move out inspection. Additional inspections are conducted as needed free of charge.

We file late notices early in the month to have better control of the eviction process. We take all necessary steps to complete the eviction process efficiently and effectively under state law.

Yes, if a tenant that we place does not fulfill their rental obligation during their lease term, we will place a new tenant free of charge.

We do not charge any fees or mark-ups on invoices or repairs. We take great pride in our relationships with our preferred vendors, and the transparent service they provide.

A maintenance reserve is a balance held in your account and allows us to take care of the small repairs and maintenance of your property as occasionally needed. The reserve we hold is $300.

Yes, if you have a preferred vendor you would like us to use, just provide us with their contact information to conduct fixes and repairs.

Give us a call at 480-485-3408 or fill out the inquiry sheet online. Or complete one of our property management agreements to get started.

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