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Upon signing a management agreement, we take the reins and handle every aspect of preparing your Queen Creek, AZ property for the rental market. Our comprehensive property management services include everything from thorough inspections and necessary repairs to professional cleaning and strategic marketing. Our team ensures that your property is not only rent-ready but also appealing to potential tenants.

Our marketing strategies are designed to attract reliable tenants quickly. We use a combination of online listings, social media, and local advertising to reach a wide audience. Our goal is to minimize vacancy periods and maximize your rental income. Once a tenant is secured, we continue to provide ongoing management services, including regular maintenance, rent collection, and tenant communication. Our proactive approach helps to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems, thereby protecting your investment.

We understand that maintaining a rental property involves more than just finding tenants. Our commitment to quality standards means we take extra measures to reduce wear and tear on your property. Regular inspections and timely maintenance are key components of our management strategy. This proactive maintenance approach not only safeguards your investment but also ensures a pleasant living experience for your tenants, which can lead to longer tenancies and fewer turnovers.

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Some of the things included in our service offering at no additional cost:

Detailed tenant screening and background checks: Our comprehensive tenant screening process ensures that only the most reliable tenants occupy your property. We conduct thorough background checks, including credit reports, criminal history, and rental history verification, to minimize the risk of problematic tenants and ensure a stable rental income.

Routine home inspections at 3 months and every 6 months thereafter: We prioritize the upkeep of your property by conducting routine inspections at the 3-month mark and every 6 months following. These inspections allow us to identify and address any maintenance issues early, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition and preventing costly repairs.

Hiring and supervising contractors and vendors: Our team handles the hiring and supervision of contractors and vendors for all your property’s maintenance and repair needs. We work with trusted professionals to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards, providing you with peace of mind and maintaining the quality of your investment.

Setting up proper tax license for your investment property: We assist in setting up the appropriate tax license for your rental property, ensuring compliance with local regulations. This service simplifies the process for you and helps to avoid any potential legal issues related to property taxation.

Answer inbound calls and emails regarding availability: Our dedicated team manages all inbound calls and emails related to property availability. We provide prompt and informative responses to prospective tenants, ensuring a smooth and efficient leasing process.

Paying expenses associated with property: We handle all the financial aspects of managing your property, including the payment of expenses such as utilities, maintenance costs, and property taxes. This comprehensive service streamlines your property management responsibilities and ensures all bills are paid on time.

Preparing and delivering monthly and annual financial reports: Our property management services include the preparation of detailed monthly and annual financial reports. These reports provide a clear overview of your property's financial performance, including income, expenses, and overall profitability, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Filing monthly city TPT tax reports on your behalf: We take care of filing the monthly Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) reports required by the city. This service ensures your compliance with local tax regulations and eliminates the hassle of dealing with tax paperwork.

Serving notices for lease violations: Our team is responsible for serving notices to tenants in the event of lease violations. We handle this process professionally and efficiently, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and in accordance with legal requirements.

Initiating eviction process if necessary: If a tenant fails to comply with the terms of the lease, we will initiate the eviction process on your behalf. Our experienced team manages the entire process, from filing the necessary paperwork to coordinating with legal professionals, ensuring a smooth and lawful eviction procedure.

Testifying as witness on your behalf in eviction court cases: In the event of an eviction court case, our team is prepared to testify as a witness on your behalf. We provide detailed documentation and professional testimony to support your case, aiming for a favorable outcome.

Negotiate lease terms and renewals with tenants: We handle the negotiation of lease terms and renewals with tenants, ensuring that your interests are protected. Our goal is to secure favorable terms that benefit both you and the tenant, promoting long-term tenancy and stable rental income.

Conduct lease signing, collection of funds, and move-in property inspections: Our team oversees the entire move-in process, including conducting lease signings, collecting necessary funds, and performing detailed move-in inspections. This thorough approach ensures a smooth transition for new tenants and protects your property from the outset.

Scheduling property showings: We manage the scheduling of property showings for prospective tenants, providing flexible and convenient viewing times. Our team ensures that your property is presented in the best possible light, maximizing its appeal and attracting high-quality tenants.

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